Body Yoga
1/15 Blackburne Square Berwick Vic 3806
Monday to Saturday - day and evening classes

Body Yoga is the only purpose built yoga studio in Berwick. We provide yoga classes for everyone and every body regardless of age or state of health. Body Yoga has beginners yoga, kids yoga, yoga for seniors, yoga for those suffering illness or injury and "Body Beautiful" yoga for those looking for a more dynamic style of yoga.

Royal All Stars Cheerleading Club

Cheerleading includes a vibrant mix of dance, tumbling, jumps, cheers, stunting and routine building. The good thing about cheerleading is that you do NOT need to be good at one specific skill. We at the Royal All Stars Cheerleading Club are always looking for girls and boys of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes to join our energetic and fun team. We offer a rigorous but exciting training program which will result in effective and exceptional skills. We believe that our cheer athletes should be taught in a progressive manner with safety and proper technique being of the utmost importance.

Anaheim Hills dental center

We offer cosmetic and general dentistry. Our focus is to provide best dental care services which help our patients achieve healthy teeth and confident smile.cosmetic dental services like professional teeth whitening, lumineers, porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, fillings and crowns, Dental Implants, Six Month Orthodontics, Invisalign and Sleep Dentistry.